Anti-Black Racism Educational Sessions

The time for change is now, and change starts with you and your organization. Understanding what anti-Black racism is, how it manifests, and how your employees and teams can begin a journey to change is where we come in. 

Making Change has partnered to provide anti-Black racism/unconscious bias educational sessions with diversity, equity and inclusion consultants Camille Dundas, Craig Wellington, and Melissa Horne Ph.D of Learning Snippets and Dialectic

Here's a sample program/session outline:

  1. Setting the stage with lived experiences and introduction

  2. Anti-Black racism facilitated sessions  - optional breakout sessions

  3. Anti-Black racism Learning Snippets tool introduction and implementation

  4. Next steps facilitated round table

  5. Analytics and reporting on Learning Snippets implementation by the organization members.


We would be happy to understand your organization’s needs and create a customized educational solution that works for you.

Please reach out to start a discussion and ask us to develop a quote. 

Camille Dundas DEI keynote partner with

Camille Dundas

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Craig Wellington

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Dr. Melissa Horne

Education Team
Speaking & Presentations

Want some insight into the local efforts influencing equity, diversity and inclusion? Making Change provides public speaking, keynotes, and presentations to spark conversations and discussions around diversity and inclusion. Let's connect and chat about the insights your organization is looking for, so we can met your needs. Please contact us to start a conversation. 


Our speakers include Michèle Newton, Shelly Skinner and Stephanie Gourlie - the Directors and founders of Making Change.


Here's a sample presentation overview: 

  • A local overview of the BLM movement vs a moment

  • Our lived experiences as Black women

  • Insights into the creation of Making Change, our goals and the community work we do

  • How individuals can become allies, and do self-work around anti-Black racism

  • Ideas on how organizations can consciously be more welcoming of diversity



To help Making Change continue to build inclusion and togetherness in our community, we would respectfully ask your organization to provide an honourarium to Making Change for speaking or presenting.

Michele Newton President Making Change -

Michèle Newton

Stephanie Gourlie

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Shelly Skinner

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