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Camille Dundas DEI keynote partner with

Camille Dundas

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Co-founder


Camille Dundas spent almost 10 years working as a journalist in national television news. In 2017, she leaped into the tech industry, becoming a consultant with Hootsuite. Camille is also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of online magazine, ranked as the #1 Black online magazine in Canada. From this vantage point, Camille has become a public speaker on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion. She is known for dropping disruptive truths - on stage and online - about why inclusion without intersectionality creates a space where good intentions go to die.


Her approach to DEI is anchored in intersectionality, with specific emphasis on the idea that effective diversity work must go beyond gender. Diversity and inclusion initiatives that try to group people into such categories as gender, ethnicity, and age provide a narrow view of what shapes our identities. No one is defined by a single category, we are influenced by our socialization, experiences, culture, and background. This is a core concept behind intersectionality. Her approach is also heavily rooted in explaining what allyship looks like and giving tangible steps to transforming how teams understand how this plays out in the workplace.


Through keynotes and workshops, Camille has helped kickstart these difficult conversations at both mid size and large scale companies such as Fiix Software, The Conference Board of Canada, TD Bank, KPMG, Investors Group and Enbridge.

Craig Wellington DEI Expert partner with

Craig Wellington

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Strategic Advisor


Craig Wellington has held leadership positions in public sector and not for profit organizations including for 15 years as the Director of Programs and Services for AMCTO, Canada's leading provider of education programs for municipal managers. Craig has developed and managed successful executive education programs in partnership with prominent Canadian universities and colleges. He has also led the development and management of education programs on municipal sector policy and management in collaboration with all 3 levels of government, in municipalities across Ontario.

Craig has decades of experience working with not for profit and community based organizations to address systemic racism in the criminal justice and education systems. He was recently a member of the Toronto Chief of Police's Black Community Consultative Committee, and is a current advisory board member of the Black Community Action Network of Peel Region (BCAN) working to dismantle anti-black racism in the education system, criminal justice, and CAS.


Craig delivers insightful professional development seminars and keynotes on systemic racism, implicit bias, diversity, equity and inclusion, for a range of clients, in Canada and the US. An engaging presenter, Craig is extremely adept at breaking down complex and difficult concepts in a granular way to facilitate learning and understanding. He also brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, and media and public engagement.

Melissa Horne Dialectic partners with Ma

Melissa Horne, PhD

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant | Trainer | Researcher

Melissa Horne holds a PhD in modern U.S. History from Rutgers University. Specializing in the history of social justice movements, Melissa’s research has focused on the historic systems of racism and oppression with Universities and the ways in which students and faculty have organized movements to subvert and challenge these systems.


Melissa parlays her expertise by helping clients develop targeted and strategic social justice education campaigns, influencing the policies that affect people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Ontario, Canada

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