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@Five Points Theatre on Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 6 -10 p.m.
Showcasing speakers, artists, musicians and poets from across Simcoe County. Featuring: “Black & Blues”  a ‘60s Blues and R & B review with The Feelin’ Good Band; “Sketches of Black Music” narrates the development and evolution of Black music in the United States through live performance and poetry with musicians Gwyn Beaver and Shawn Pitre; singer-songwriter Cassandra Amanyangole, and "Label" Spoken Word performance by Máirin Duffy, Makena Beaver-Pitre and Marley MacAlpine.
Partners: City of Barrie, Office of the Mayor, YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka Immigrant Services

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This presentation narrates the development and evolution of black music in the United States through live performance and poetry. The performance is comprised of select genres and styles.

Gwyn Beaver is a native of Texas and has lived in Canada since 2004. She holds a Master's degree in vocal performance from the University of Oklahoma and began doctoral studies in opera at The University of Texas at Austin.

Shawn Pitre is a native of New Brunswick. He has performed as a guitarist, vocalist or percussionist in various popular music bands in his home province as well as in Prince Edward Island, Piteå, Sweden, Austin, Texas and Montreal, most recently as guitarist for the Montreal based band, Bayou Saint-Laurent. He has taught Ethnomusicology and Popular Music studies courses at 6 institutions of higher learning including The University of Texas at Austin, University of Prince Edward Island, Université de Montréal, Université Laval, Dawson College and McGill University.



This 20-year old Singer/songwriter is from Innisfil, Ontario. Cassandra writes about and advocates for struggles with mental health in young black women and her personal experiences with mental illness, in an attempt to help end stigma around the subject.
She has sung for as long as she can remember; played guitar since she was 11' wrote her first song with music when I was 12 years old. Cassandra had a piano/vocal teacher for a few years named John Resendes. "He’s an amazing person and truly changed my life."


Máirin Duffy, Makena Beaver-Pitre and Marley MacAlpine

These performers are 8th graders in the Extended French Program and volunteer as kindergarten helpers at their school. Their spoken word piece, Labels, placed 3rd in the SCDSB 2019 Poetry Slam. Máirin plays competitive volleyball with the Collingwood Black Diamonds and participates in gymnastics. She spends her free time writing stories, poetry and songs. Makena is a member of the competitive dance team of the Active Arts Dance Studio. Creative writing, reading and singing are her favorite past times. Marley also plays for the Collingwood Black Diamonds, enjoys public speaking, swimming, paddling and skiing. Listening to music is another activity the three friends have in common.

Spoken Word artists Makena, Mairin and M
Feelin' Good Band with drummer du Shanno
Our Entertainment Lineup


In 2005,  Michelle C. Guy and Brad Hilliker began performing as The Station Duo and in 2011 they were nominated for Best Blues Song in the Barrie’s New Music Fest. In 2015, they kicked off their band project the Feelin’ Good Band - later joined by drummer Shannon Lawrence.  

They have put together a special song selection to celebrate Black Blues and R&B artists of the  60’s to present for the Making Change Black History month event.

Thank you to our  generous partners, sponsors, and supporters.

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